FAQ - Information on accreditation

When does the online sale of accreditations start?

The sale of accreditations starts at the end of July. Please bear in mind that due to the restrictions introduced, the pool of accreditations is very limited. Accreditations are sold on a first come, first served basis. If the pandemic situation does not get worse, the pool of accreditations will be increased and the sale will be resumed at the beginning of September. Types of accreditations for sale:

  • observer
  • industry (regular and student)
  • media

In August, we will also launch the sale of online accreditations. An online accreditation will entitle its holder to watch out-of-competition films, and films competing in short film and microbudget film competition. More information will follow soon.

Is it possible to purchase an accreditation during the Festival?

No, it will not be possible to purchase an accreditation during the Festival. Only single tickets and/or passes will be available to purchase during the Festival, unless the pool is exhausted.

How much do accreditations cost?

There are 4 types of accreditations available:

INDUSTRY ACCREDITATION – granted to representatives of film industry such as producers, distributors, to representatives of film institutions, film events and other individuals who are professionally involved in film industry in Poland or abroad.

INDUSTRY-STUDENT ACCREDITATION – granted to film school students at a promotional price on the basis of a valid student card.

MEDIA ACCREDITATION – granted to representatives of the media (radio, press, television, the Internet) and photojournalists.

OBSERVER ACCREDITATION – granted to individuals who are not professionally involved in film and/or media industries.

The price of one accreditation is PLN 400.00.

The price of student accreditation is PLN 150.00.

What does the accreditation entitle to?

Each type of accreditation entitles its holder to enter all film screenings held on the Large, New and Chamber Stage of Musical Theatre, in Helios cinema and the Gdynia Film Centre, with prior online seat reservation required.

Each type of accreditation is programmed for 34 points (1 point corresponds to 1 film screening). It entitles its holder to participate in 30 screenings held in Helios cinema, the Gdynia Film Centre, on the Large, New and Chamber Stage of Musical Theatre. Please be informed that every unclaimed reservation causes loss of 4 points deducted from your account. Therefore, if such situation occurs repeatedly, you may run out of points to watch all of the planned screenings. Each reservation can be cancelled up to 15 minutes prior to screening time.

Moreover, an accreditation entitles its holder to participate in Festival accompanying events, with the exception of closed events with personal invitations required for participation. Only the media accreditation entitles its holder to enter press screenings and press conferences.

The Organiser provides every accredited person with festival packet containing Festival catalogue and other marketing materials.

When can I start making reservations for screenings?

Online reservations for film screenings can be made from 7:30 a.m. on the day preceding the screening until the scheduled screening time. The first day of the Festival is an exception. Seat reservations can be made from Monday, 20th September, from 7:30 a.m.

What can I do, if I want to see a different film (other than previously planned)?

In case the change of plans concerns screenings in Helios cinema, the Gdynia Film Centre, on the Large, Chamber and New Stage of Musical Theatre, you should cancel the previous reservation and make a new one. This can be done up to 15 minutes prior to screening time. After this time any cancellation or change of reservation will be impossible. If a reservation is not cancelled and an individual does not attend a screening, 4 points will be deducted from the individual’s accreditation account. For this reason, cancellation of unclaimed reservations is strongly recommended.

Where can I cancel a reservation?

Reservations can be cancelled in every festival venue (the Musical Theatre, Helios cinema, the Gdynia Film Centre) and Hotel Mercure Gdynia Centre. All the venues will be equipped with computer stations with Internet access, prepared for such proceedings. In addition, online reservation application with cancellation option can be accessed from any computer or any other portable device with Internet access.

Can I transfer my accreditation to another person?

An accreditation may be used only by an individual in whose name the accreditation was issued. Transfer of accreditation to other person results in deduction of 10 points. Should the situation repeat, the organiser reserves the right to withdraw the accreditation.

How do I attach a photo to accreditation?

Applying for accreditation (first, please register on our website www.system.festiwalgdynia.pl), after you complete all the information, you will find a button “Add Photo”. A photo is attached the same way as a file (attachment) is attached to an e-mail. The photo must be saved on disk.

What are the requirements for photos enclosed in accreditation orders?

The enclosed photo should be a recent portrait photo with the file size of no more than 2 Mb, minimum proportions of 400 pixels x 400 pixels, in PNG, GIF or JPG format. The photo will be used for identification of the accreditation holder. Failure to provide any photo or a photo allowing for clear identification of the accreditation holder my result in cancellation of the order.

Where and when can I collect my accreditation?

Accreditation can be collected starting 19th September 2021 (3:00 p.m.) in the Festival front desk located in the right wing of the Musical Theatre in Gdynia (entrance from Plac Grunwaldzki) upon presentation of an ID card or any other document with a photo.